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Welcome to the Official Home of KMB ELL-SF | Branch of Special Forces.

You Are Using a TFoC Network Clan Portal.

(Clan Portals are websites designed & hosted by TFoC Network for the management and communication purposes of League of KMB Gaming Clans.)

Attention: Some key features of the ELL-SF Portal will not be accessible until a later date.

This Page Purpose Is To Show You How To Find & Use ELL-SF Portal Basic Functions.

1. TFoCBar

     What is & How to Use the

     The below image is called the TFoCBar. It is found only on TFoC Clan Portals, and are unique by the "home" icon which features a subtext. It allows full connection to the main TFoC site, while inside any Clan Portal. The "home" icon is the only content on the bar that links back to the Home of the Clan Portal itself, everything else will re-direct you from the Clan Portal & back to tfocnetwork.com.

Note: You cannot sign-in into a Clan Portal using the TFoCBar. If you do, it will re-direct you from the portal to tfocnetwork.com.

2. TFoCPortalBar
     What is & How to Use the TFoC

     The image below is called a TFoCPortalBar.

-  It is found on all Clan Portals under a page title, sometimes varying in colors.
-  It is used to navigate throughout the clan portal itself.
-  If you cannot see the TFoCPortalbar, simply click the "home" icon in the TFoCBar and re-enter the Portal or just re-enter the web address to it.

3. Clan Portal Members Area

    What is & How to Use a Clan Portal Members Area?

The image on the right is called "Clan Portal Members Area", different from the basic member area on "tfocnetwork.com", because it features a clan tag.

     If you already have a TFoC Profile, you can use its sign-in info, to sign-in to any TFoC Clan Portal through its members area located on the "right-side (scroll down)" of all Clan Portals.

Note: Inbox's from a TFoC Profile ARE NOT linked to a Clan Portal

Note: Members Area's are the ONLY way you can "sign-in" in to a Clan

Note: Use a valid email when signing-up & your KMB account name as
         your profile "Display name".

Note: Always Sign-In through the Members Area to access a Clan Portals full Content.

Bar Warning!
- Signing-In through the TFoCBar will redirect you from our Clan Portal to its main site.
- If your trying to access content on our Portal, you must sign-in through our Members Area,
  not the TFoCBar.

4. Click Like, Follow, & Subscribe to hear about & join all ELL-SF Events.

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