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Introducing TFoC Network

7 Most Frequently Asked Questions with Full & Detailed Answers.
  • What is TFoC Network?

     TFoC Network means The Federation of Clans and its Network sites and services, sometimes shorten to "TFoC".

     It is a website that allows gaming clans to reinvent themselves and change from non-profit, to "for-profit" gaming clan organizations.

     It hosts gaming clans on its site, and provides their members with activities, leaderboards, events, rewards, and more for a monthly fee, in which half of its monthly revenue goes to the League of KMB.

  • Whats TFoC relation to KMB?

     TFoC Network is an online subscription service for gaming clans, dubbed "online gaming clan services".

     It provides a variety of services & products exclusively to the League of KMB & its gaming clans, including developing and hosting their websites, social networks, events, programs, and more.

     For these services, it charges a monthly subscription fee of $7.99/month or $79.90/year, along with add-ons. With TFoC monthly revenue, half goes back to the KMB gaming clans on the site, and the other half goes to TFoC, to pay KMB clans ranking members (In fact, creating what they call "Gaming Clan Careers").
  • Is their a "Free" TFoC Membership?

     Yes. TFoC has a "Free Membership" with terms.

     Free members must recruit 5 premium members every month to access "premium" benefits for that month.

     Meaning if a free member has met the terms, they can enter prize-winning tournaments for free like premium members, among other things.

     TFoC Network free member policy is only available until there is no new people left to recruit, meaning our free members must make the decision to either remain free and pay separate entry fees to join TFoC events, or go premium to access all events for free.
  • Whats the difference between TFoC Network and sites like MajorLeagueGaming/GameBattles?

         TFoC Network is a monthly subscription site. It charges one monthly fee of $7.99 for premium features such as: free entries in to TFoC Events for a month, instead of paying separate fees per each event like MLG/GB.

     TFoC Network is not only a gaming competition hub, it is
centered around creating and improving gaming clan
communities, by giving its clans dynamic Leadeboards where they can
actually compare and compete on being the better overall organization, rather than strictly battles like MLG/GB.

     TFoC Network is a online social hub for gaming clans, and career environment for gamers looking to use gaming or social gaming skills to add an additional income stream to their personal lives, unlike MLG/GB where you can only earn a profit, although very small, by being highly skilled at a game.
  • Do members of the League of KMB have to pay for TFoC
       Premium Memberships?

     No. Premium Memberships are for those who can afford $7.99/month and seek the benefits in having them.

     Although if you are a high-ranking member of an official KMB Clan, their Chain of Command may require it.

  • Why is most of TFoC Network site unavailable, and when
       will it launch?

     Majority of TFoC Network features are unavailable because TFoC Network is giving administration control of the site to the League of KMB, and the League is currently reorganizing its clans to adapt to the Clan Support Guide. 

     TFoC Network has launched its closed beta, which if you are reading this, are a part of.

  • Do you have to subscribe to a TFoC Premium Membership before the site launch?

No. The only members of TFoC Network that should purchase a TFoC Membership or any of its products early are:

- Clan Founders/Creators: People creating their own KMB Clan, which requires a Clan Portal.

- Volunteers: People joining a KMB Management Clan, but only when directed Chain of Command.

- Ranked Members: If directed by their Clans Chain of Command.

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