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League of KMB | ELL-SF Gaming Clan

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Introducing the League of KMB

8 Most Frequently Asked Questions with Full & Detailed Answers.
  • What is KMB?

      KMB means Killing Means Business. The official name is "The League of KMB", sometimes shorten to "The League".

     Once, just another clan on GTA IV in the summer of 2008. Today, it is a league of gaming clans. Gamers can join a KMB clan or create their own KMB Clan, and lead it to the top of the TFoC Clans Leaderboard, based on its member count, activity score, champion count, and leadership ratings.
  • What's KMB relation to TFoC?

     The League of KMB is a simulated-gaming clan organization & service included and required with a TFoC Membership.

     The League and it's official gaming clans operate dynamically and efficiently using the Clan Support Guide created by TFoC.

     Efficient use of the Clan Support Guide, creates the simulated clan environment, and in exchange, TFoC Network pays the Gaming Clans Leaders to maintain their clans stability, which provide those simulated services.
  • Whats the difference between a KMB Clan & Non-KMB

      In the online world of gaming clans, their are two types:
- KMB Clans
- Non-KMB Clans

     KMB Clans are for gamers that want to join a truly organized gaming group with actual goals, purposes, benefits, and value. Whether that is rewards from promotions, events, or achievements they can capture in and for their clan.

   The League of KMB is also for a gamer who wants to create a "gaming clan organization" and profit in return for the time, energy, and effort they will dedicate.
     Unlike a non-KMB clan where you can spend years running a clan, only to look back in shame on how nothing you did had any real value that was gained from it.

     In the League of KMB it's not about who won, it's about "what" was won.
  • What is the main game of the League of KMB?

     The League of KMB is headquartered on PlayStation Home as it allows for all members of all KMB Clans the ability to socialize in a active environment, without having to have the same game.

     No matter the KMB Clan, all members of all KMB Clan are required (if possible) when online and not playing a game or using a PS3 app, to get on PS Home, because its easier to be social with their clan and the overall League of KMB community.

     PS Home is also central to the League of KMB Leadership Divisions & Clans Chain of Commands, because it allows for each division to be able to establish a meeting place to create plans, implement, and oversee their progress directly from PS Home.
  • Who is the Leader of KMB?

     The League has no "1 or one" leader. It has a President, Vice-President, and Prime Minister whom are all elected in League Elections every 3 months.

     Neither of the 3 Heads of KMB has a direct control over any clan in the League, they each are head of 1 of 3 Leadership Divisions that manages the overall league goals, guidelines, and policies.

     To qualify to enter a League Election, you must be a Clan Leader or League Leader of a clan that is ranked within the Top 30 Clans on the TFoC Clans Leaderboard.
  • What is a Clan Portal?

      A Clan Portal is a unique website designed exclusively for "official" gaming clan organizations in the League of KMB & hosted by TFoC Network.

     To create an "official" KMB Clan:
1. You must have risen the Chain of Command of an official KMB Clan to the rank of Unit-Captain.
2. You need to purchase a TFoC Clan Portal ($59.99).
     - TFoC Network creates and manage all KMB clan portals/sites.
     - TFoC also setup & manages KMB clans (with Portals) Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

     Among many features, clan portals allow top-down micro-management of a clan to ensure that the members are getting quality leadership, events, media content, live streams, as well as a diversified community of gaming clan members.
     Clan Leaders and other ranked members will be able to access an overview of their Chain of Command, to show what non-ranked members of their clan rate their ranked superiors on a number of criteria, making it easier to spot weak links, address them, or replace them.

Clan Portals always add new features that benefit both, ranked & non-ranked members, of a KMB clan.


  • Is creating, building, and maintaining a KMB Clan hard work? And do you get paid?

     No, and Yes. All KMB Clan founders are required to have been a Unit-Captain in a official KMB Clan. That experience and the "Clan Leader Guide" on the Clan Support Guide, enables anybody with the will power the opportunity to create a KMB Clan with ease.

     It takes at most 1-month to build and establish a KMB Clan & its Chain of Command. Once your clan is established is where you will get creative, because at minimum your KMB Clan, once filled, will have easily over 12,000+ members.

As the Clan Leader, it is up to you to imagine ideas that will increase your clan member count, activity, champions, and leadership rating, and turn them into plans that you can pass down your chain of command to make happen.

If you want to see the Clan Leaderboard work, Click Here.
If you want to know how Clans will be ranked, Click here.
If you want to know what a Clan Bank is, and how it benefits KMB Clans, even yours should you create one, Click Here.

     As a Clan Leader, your goal will be to lead and manage your clan efficiently (keeps your members happy), which will increase your clan "total score" on the TFoC Clan Rankings Leaderboard, so that your clan can be ranked in the Top 30. Having your clan being ranked in the Top 30 qualifies you as the Clan Leader, to enter the "League Elections" to become the next President, Vice-President, or Prime Minister of the League of KMB. 

     As a benefit of being the Clan Leader of a "official" KMB Clan, TFoC Network pays you 20% of your clans "Clan Portal" Ad Revenue every month, 50% goes to your clans "Clan Bank for you to use to purchase prizes for exclusive events for your clan only or purchase items to reward exemplary members, the remaining 30% goes to TFoC Network to cover the monthly hosting cost of your clans "Clan Portal".

     In perspective, if your clan portal generates $5,000.00 in ad revenue every month, you'll earn $1,000.00 every month as Clan Leader. But, once your clan enters the Top 30 Clan Rankings, you will earn money based off TFoC Monthly number of members in the entire League of KMB, in short, you no longer have to depend on ad revenue because you & your clan earnings are guaranteed directly from TFoC Network monthly revenue.

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