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Introducing ELL-SF

What ELL-SF is & 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions with Full & Detailed Answers.
  • What is ELL-SF?

     Special Forces is 1 of 3 Branches of the Executive League Leadership Division. ELL-SF is unique because it was created by the League of KMB to:

  • Host, referee, & manage all TFoC Events in-game.
  • Serve as the private gaming clan to the League of KMB President, Vice-President, & Prime Minister.

Special Forces Expectations

We look for gamers that have computers, who does not mind volunteering to referee tournaments & events.

  • We expect all of our members to know how to spot the cheats/glitches on the games they

ELL-SF Roles & Responsibilities

  • Trained & Qualified Referee/Officials

SF provides the League of KMB & TFoC Network with the needed trained & qualified referee/officials so that all TFoC Events runs smoothly with both opposing sides receiving unbiased and fair treatment.

  • Presidential Representation

SF provides the President, Vice-President, & Prime Minister of the League the needed representation so that they do not have to stain the League reputation by being personally or directly associated with certain groups/individuals.

  • Presidential Organized Assistance

SF provides the President, Vice-President, & Prime Minister of the League the needed organized assistance so that they do not have to juggle League issues on their own, and keep the heads on track of their day to day goals and agendas.

  • Presidential Advisers
    SF provides the President of the League the needed advisers so that they have a full understanding of a League issue before making a final decision. Advisers make sure those decisions are followed through and met with the expected and positive results.

To join any branch of the Executive League Leadership

  • You must first understand that you are not, will not, or never will be considered a League of KMB Clan member, nor will you be allowed to associate yourself with them.

  • You must also understand that their is the League and then their are us, the Executive League Leadership, a league of our own. We (the 3 ELL Clans) host our own Tournaments, Contests, & Giveaways with our own Prizes.

  • What is the ELL-SF TV Network

     Members of ELL-SF who have a "TFoC Broadcast Pass", which allows them to stream their content on TFoC.TV, will also have their shows listed in channels on the ELL-SF TV Network, which is exclusively found on our Clan Portal.

     TFoC Network also has partner program for gamers looking to broadcast for-profit.

  • What is a Pro League Team?

     Although we are not a small competitive team on a certain game, we do have a "Pro League Team" on most major multiplayer games, that competes in TFoC's monthly Battle Seasons. Pro League Teams are paid by their clans, using that clans "clan bank" money. A Pro League Team consists of 16 players, 1 Manager/Coach, and a GFX Team. 

To join a "Pro League Team" for a certain game:

1. You must compete in the monthly "Pro League Team Tournament" for
    that game and win.

2. You will face the Pro League player that you will be replacing in a first
     to 5 wins 1 vs 1 battle.

3. If you win, you will take that person slot on the team beginning the
    next battle season. 

Every month is a battle season:

- A battle season ranges from 30-90 battle matches, which can include
  3-5 rounds each game.
- A typical match features 4 vs 4 - 9 vs 9 gameplay, with exceptions of

- Pro League Teams only battles other KMB Pro League Teams.

- Pro League Teams are only assembled for the TFoC Battle Seasons.

- Pro League Team Players all have their own contracts, which they can
  negotiate with the Clan Leader, and are paid based upon.

  • ELL-SF Chain of Command ( or CoC)

     We operate using a Chain of Command (created by the TFoC's Clan Support Guide) which helps ELL-SF by keeping our clan stable, progressive, and entertaining for all of our members.

     ELL-SF, including all League of KMB Clans are designed to provide a simulated-gaming clan experience and environment, where you as a new member today, if self-equipped with character that allows others to respect you, and knowledge of the workings of the League of KMB, can rise through ELL-SF and become the next President of the League of KMB.

  • ELL-SF Clan Portal

      In the League of KMB, all Official Clans are managed through Clan Portals which are purchased by the Clan Founder from TFoC Network. Clan Portals are essentially a clans private social network, it is where members of a clan can get official clan news, watch a clans tv network, view their current chain of command, rate their superiors, view and enter exclusive events, and create a profile to develop a friend network and get known in that clans community using that clan portals forums. 

     As a ranked member, you can use a clan portal to:
- Set up events
- Send your subordinates notifications of activities
- Socialize with your subordinates
- Review their suggestions on handling issues
- Review your leadership-ratings, to see where you need improvement.
- Organize your subordinates from the clan portal, without actually
  needing to be online.

     Clan Portals allows clan communities to stay connected on and off the game, it allows ranked members to retain their personal life activities without having to sacrifice a lot of time being on or near their console. A large clan of any size, using a clan portal can be managed from such devices as a cell phone or tablet.

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