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Welcome to KMB ELL-SF Grand Theft Auto V.

As a new recruit, you are not supposed to restart your GTA Career on your KMB Account. You are only expected to put your KMB account in a position to never be broke and to forever be ready for Battles, Events, and Activities.

As you will learn about money glitches, do NOT become reliant upon them as they require another person, which means waiting on the next man to get your money.

Once in a position of a GTA Boss (Owning all businesses), you can have newer recruits and other members work for you and you for them in exchange.

1. Create your online Character and Complete your first Pacific Standard Heist Glitch.
- Once you are online, tell your Recruiter that you are ready to do the Pacific Standard Glitch.
- You are to ALWAYS either get 70% ($875k) or 30% ($375k). Remind your Recruiter if needed.
- After completion of your first boost, go to nearest Gun Store and Purchase ALL available weapons and
  DLC Weapons on the right-side wall. Do NOT buy camos, buy the needed extensions to your guns.

2. Boost your $8,750,000 and Buy ALL Businesses. (70% $875k x 10 boosts = $8,750,000) 
- Continue boosting with your recruiter until you have received 70% ten times.
- Do NOT buy just any Car, House, or Business. Yet!......

On Phone Browser (Dynasty 8 ): Buy a House: Del Perro Heights, Apt 7 $200,000.

On Phone Browser (Dynasty 8 Executive) Buy a CEO Office:
Maze Bank West for $1,000,000.
 Do NOT add any extras, just name it, and buy it. For now.
  At Office computer...
  - Buy cheapest Vehicle Cargo Wharehouse: La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse $1,500,000. No extras, for now.
  - Buy cheapest Large Crate Wharehouse: Wholesale Funiture - Cypress Flats $1,900,000.
    You can have up to 5, but buy them later.

On Phone Browser (Maze Bank Foreclosure): Buy Most Expensive Farmhouse Bunker for $2,375,000.

On Phone Browser (Maze Bank Foreclosure): Buy a Motorcycle Club: Great Chaparral Clubhouse $200,000. 
Do NOT add any extras, just name it, and buy it.
   At Clubhouse computer...
   - Buy cheapest Cocaine Lockup: Alamo Sea $975,000.
STOP! The money needed for the following, you will earn via Step 3.
   - Buy cheapest Meth Lab: Grand Senora Desert $910,000.
   - Buy cheapest Weed Farm: San Chianski Mountain Range $715,000.
   - Buy cheapest Counterfeit Cash: Grand Senora Desert $845,000.
   - Buy cheapest Forgery Office: Grapeseed $650,000.

Total: $11,270,000 (13 boosts of 70% = $11,375,000, but you were only guranteed 10 boosts.)

3. Complete All Heists, but DO NOT do the Pacific Standard Finale. Contact Your Recruiter so that you can learn & hosts Heist Glitch.
- Purchase Heist Heavy Combat outfit (Gives 4 times health in heist missions).
- Purchase a Karin Karuma (Armoured) $600,000 from Super San Andreas Autos website.
- Gather 3 other new members to do all heist together. Make sure they all have heist outfit on.
- Once completed, you no longer need your Recruiter.
- You and the people you completed the heists with can now boost each other the remaining $3 million needed
   to purchase the rest of your businesses.

4. Unlock all Lester (Off Radar & Reveal Players) and Merryweather (Helicopter Pickup and Backup Helicopter) abilities.
- Reaching Level 50 should unlock the above.

5. How To Stay Rich.
- Spend 1-day supplying all businesses until stocks are maxed. Never sell unless stocks are maxed. Use randoms to assist you.
- Spend 1-day selling all businesses stocks, with other KMB members. Always sell in Game Chat, never Party Chat. The randoms in the lobby will actually want to help if yall not being dicks.
- Fill Vehicle Cargo Warehouse with all 40 Cars. Once full, sell 4 top range cars and immediately resupply the 4  cars. This way, you'll always make $400,000 every sell.
- Only buy new vehicles/houses with the money earned from business sells.
- Boost Heist Glitch 70/30 with 1 other KMB that also has Pacific Standard heist unlocked. 

6. Earn $12,000,000 from Mastermind Challenge.
1. Get 3 other KMB that has completed all their Heists. Do NOT attempt with KMB that's not ready.
2. Complete all 5 heist from beginning to end, with the same group, without anybody dying.
3. Contact KMB_ELL-SF_MISTA to get a walkthrough on how to do it.

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