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'Destiny 2' Shows Off The Armor And Weapons It Didn't Livestream This Week

Started on December 5, 2017

(By Paul Tassi / Forbes.com) Bungie had to drastically alter their plans this week, scrapping its third Curse of Osiris livestream in order to release a more general State of the Union address about Destiny 2.

Originally, the livestream was going to show off the new armor and weapons of the expansion in what would have probably been a 30-45 minute event, but instead it’s been cut down to a very short video teasing the items instead.

I think a brief tease is better, as I don’t think we need to walk through every new piece of gear in the expansion, as it’s fun to find things for yourself. I get wanting to talk about new mechanics and gameplay elements, but I haven’t really understood why these multi-hour reveal streams show so much of the expansion.

So instead of the livestream, what we see here is about 30 seconds of new footage jamming in a number of new weapons and armor sets. From this short clip we can see:

  • What appears to be a new exotic in the vein of Coldheart that is styled like a Trials of the Nine weapon, and shoots a fire beam instead of an ice beam. Not sure what bonus effects that might have like enemy burning, for instance.

  • There’s a new grenade launcher, which appears to be an Exotic that shoots tracking The footage shown has a Guardian in the Crucible failing to outrun the grenades chasing after it. That seems…quite good.

  • Three new sets of armor that all share a similar visual theme. They actually look a bit Hive-ish? That would be odd because the Hive are not supposed to be a part of this expansion at all.

  • New disco dance emote (meh) and mic drop emote (heh)

So not a ton shown here, but interesting all the same. I’m guessing both of those weapons are exotics, and I do hope that the “Fireheart” has some unique effects to it, rather than just being a pure inverse of Coldheart. Tracking grenades are…not going to be fun in Crucible, but it’s a cool concept. We know those armor sets aren’t the Mercury planet armor (we’ve already seen that), so I do wonder where we’re getting that other stuff from.

Despite all the recent Destiny 2 drama, I’m excited for Curse of Osiris. I have a feeling it’s going to feel a bit small, but then again this is a minor expansion and it’s probably going to be better than at least The Dark Below was. The streams did their job to catch my interest, and between the expansion and the changes Bungie is making, I think Destiny 2 is at least moving in the right direction, even if the road ahead seems like an endless journey into the Infinite Forest.


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