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Grand Theft Auto V: 
How To Make $120,000/10min via Yacht.

What is Needed?
- A ELL-SF Member who owns both a Yacht and a CEO Office.
- 3 other people to join the CEO Organization.

How To Do It?
1. Yacht owner must invite the other 3 people to their CEO Organization.
2. Yacht owner must be on their own Yacht.
3. Yach owner must select: SecuroServ CEO > VIP Work > Piracy Prevention.

After Piracy Prevention is over?
1. 3 Players of the Organization must hold the touchpad: Inventory > Cash > Share From Last Job > Receiving Player > 100%.
2. Once all 3 Players have the Receiving Player at 100%, all must scroll down to "Accept" and time it to press it at the same time.
3. If another player with a Yacht is available, have them host the CEO and repeat this process.

With 6 Yacht Owners in 1 lobby, this method can be done around the hour wait time, earning at minimum $7200k/hour
- Have all yacht owners stay put on their yacht, to rapidly go Piracy Prevention to Piracy Prevention.
- Have all Yachts located by the Military Base or further north to make it an inconvenience to attack.
- Watch YouTube, Netflix, etc during.

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