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Game Captain - Apply to be a Game Captain

A Crew Leader has the power to appoint/remove a Game Captain, at will.

     A Game Captain is an unofficial position that represents the Crew Leader on a "select game", but with the Crew Leader consent before any actions.

Game Captains "ideally" are responsible for:
- Search/Setup of Clan Battles on select game
- Overseeing of Events/Activities on select game
- Recruiting from select game
- Member to Member issues in-game on select game

- Assembling an entourage of Crew Members, for the Crew Leader to game online with.

"Ideally" because if your Crew Members perceives a Game Captain doing all the work, they may vote that person as the next Crew Leader, should that Game Captain use their influence to run in a Crew Leader election.

So it is up to the Crew Leader ultimately, what role they want their Game Captain to fulfil.

Game Captain Background Info:
The position of Game Captain is unofficial because it is not needed in the beginning stages of a Crew.

As a Crew grows and expand, the Crew Leader cannot be on two games at once, and therefore will need assistance keeping members on different games happy with their leadership. Some Crew Leaders may be able to handle everybody issues themselves, others will have the authority to appoint Game Captains.

Ideal Qualities of a Game Captain:
- Age 18+
- Respectful to others, at all times
- Mature (Knowing when to stop, and how to stop others)
- Have a Microphone
- Advanced Skill on the Game
- Assertive (Speaking once, never repeating, following through on consequences)
- Mostly only play the select game
- Active daily
- Clear & Respectful Speaking skills (Speaks clear and full words, thinks before speaking)

These are "ideal" qualities of a Game Captain, not requirements. Crew Leaders have full authority over who they personally deem is ideal and want as their Game Captain.

If you deem you fit all or most of these qualities, contact your Crew Leader for the position. 

Must you have been a Game Captain to qualify to run to be Crew Leader in elections?
You are NOT required to have been a Game Captain to join and run for the Crew Leader position, in the weekly Crew Leader election. You must simply be a Crew Member in that crew for at least 2 weeks.

Kicking/Removal of Crew Members:
- Nobody has the power to kick any member out of the Clan, not even the Clan Leader.
- Crew Leaders, NOT Game Captains, can remove a Crew Member from their designated Crew Members List.
- Removal is NOT kicking, that member must review the Crew Member guide for their options if removed.

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