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Welcome to the Official ELL-SF Chain of Command
Started on November 30, 2016



To View ELL-SF's Chain of Command, Click the RED Link Below.

As a "Party Leader" you will be giving permission to edit the Chain of Command to adjust your Party "Crew Leaders".



  • What is a Chain of Command?

In a League of KMB Clan, the chain of command is the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed.

- Orders are passed down the chain of command, from a higher-ranked member, such as the Unit-Director, to a Unit-Captain who either perform the order personally or pass it down the chain as appropriate, until it is received by those expected to perform it.


  • Who gives orders to who?

In general, ranked-members give orders only to those directly below them in the chain of command and receive orders only from those directly above them.

- A ranked-member who has difficulty performing a duty or order and appeals for relief directly to a ranked-member above 
his immediate commander in the chain of command is likely to be disciplined for not observing the chain of command.

- Similarly, a ranked-member is usually expected to give orders only to his/her direct subordinate, even if it is just to 
pass an order down to another ranked-member lower in the chain of command than said subordinate.


  • Defined command.

A higher rank alone does not entitle a high-ranking member to give commands to just anyone of a lower rank.

- For example, the Party Leader of "Party 1" does not directly command  the Crew Leaders of "Party 2", and is generally 
expected to contact their Unit-Captain, if he/she requires action by Crew Leaders of that Party.

- The chain of command means that individual members take orders from only one superior and only give orders
to the defined group of members immediately below them.


  • Unusual circumstance.

If the Party Leader of "Party 1" does give orders directly to a Crew Leader of "Party 2", it would be considered highly unusual (a misstep, or extraordinary circumstances, such as a lack of time or inability to contact the Unit-Captain or Party Leader in command of "Party 2") as "Party 1" Leader would be seen as subverting the authority of the Party Leader of "Party 2".

- Depending on the situation, the Official being ordered may choose to carry out the order anyway, or advise that 
it has to be cleared with his or her own Party Leader first, which in this example would be with  "Party 2" Leader.

- Refusal to carry out an order is almost always considered insubordination, the only exception usually allowed is 
if the order itself is illegal (i.e., the person carrying out the order would be committing an illegal act).


Comment below if you have questions/ideas concerning how our Chain of Command operates.

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