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League of KMB | ELL-SF Gaming Clan

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Chain of Command Meetings
(Ranked Members Only)
Mondays and Fridays
9:30pm - 10pm Eastern US/ ET
8:30pm - 9pm Central US/ CT
7:30pm - 8pm Mountain US/ MT
6:30pm - 7pm Western US/ PT

Official Location:
Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)

Other Locations:
The CEA has the power to set locations of CoC Meetings.

(Unit Ranked Members Only)

Wednesday and Saturday
9:30pm - 10pm Eastern US/ ET
8:30pm - 9pm Central US/ CT
7:30pm - 8pm Mountain US/ MT
6:30pm - 7pm Western US/ PT

Official Location:
Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)

Other Locations:
The Unit-Captain has the power to set locations of Unit Meetings.


  • Pro League Team Tournaments

    No Listed Games Available Currently.

  • What is a Pro League Team?

     Although we are not a small competitive team on a specific game, we do have a "Pro League Team" on most major multiplayer games, that competes in TFoC's monthly Battle Seasons. Pro League Teams are paid by their clans, using that clans "clan bank" money. A Pro League Team consists of 16 players, 1 Manager/Coach, and a GFX Team. 

To join a "Pro League Team" for a certain game:

- You must compete in the monthly "Pro League Team Tournament" for that game and win.

- You will face the Pro League player that you will be replacing in a first to 5 wins 1 vs
  1 battle.

- If you win, you will take that person slot on the team beginning the next battle season.

- Every month is a new battle season.

- A battle season ranges from 30 - 90 battle matches, which can include 3 - 5 rounds
  each game.

- A typical match features 5 vs 5 - 9 vs 9 gameplay, with exceptions of substitutions.

- Pro League Teams only battles other KMB Pro League Teams.

- Pro League Teams are only assembled for the TFoC Battle Seasons.

- Pro League Team Players all have their own contracts, which they can negotiate with
Clan Leader, and are paid based upon.


How Promotions Work

In official League of KMB Clans with a filled Chain of Command, promotions are not done by selection but by "Popular Vote/Elections" by a Ranked Member subordinates. 

To vote in an election:
1. Go to the election poll, which is found in the "News" category of your crew forum & vote.

To qualify to enter an election, you must:

1. Have been a member of the Clan for more than 2 weeks.
2. Have completed the application process for the rank your aiming for.
3. Meet all requirements in the application process.
4. Announce that your running for election by posting your announcement in the
    "General Discussion" thread of your Crew. Your name will be added to the poll on
    election day.

Only four ranked positions of a ELL Clan has serving-terms to their position:

- Unit-Director: Monthly - U-D Elections are held on the 1st of every month.

- Unit Captain: Tri-weekly - Unit Elections are held every third Saturday.

- Party Leader: Bi-weekly - Party Elections are held every second Thursday.

- Crew Leader: Weekly - Crew Elections are held every Tuesday.

The three Head-positions have no serving-terms and can be voted-out at anytime "with cause" by the/their Chain of Command:

  • President
    Cannot be removed, until end of term or if he/she loses an election.

  • Chief Executive Adviser

Can only be approved/removed by the President.

  • Branch Director

Succeeds the CEA if position is vacant.

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